What We Do

build. connect. innovate

Ratio partners with customers to build, launch, and grow digital Ecosystems to solve problems or challenges faster.

Our platform is free for industry and includes powerful tools to help you research the market, find partners, respond to customer Challenges, and update your Company Profile so our customers can understand how you can help solve their problems and challenges.

Ratio Ecostudio is an innovative, industrial start-up environment that allows customers to rapidly configure and launch Ecosystems and engage the market in their agenda.

Ratio creates, curates, and digitally engages the market to find and attract companies who are best suited to solve our customer's problems and challenges.

Ratio brings talent, tech, and data together in a single platform that supercharges and accelerates sourcing and acquisition models.

Ratio offers a unique solution to the traditional method of sourcing supply by delivering them directly to you instead of the other way around. This innovative approach changes the game and saves you days worth of your valuable time.

Why Should You Care?

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    Traditional acquisition, procurement, and sourcing process are way too slow. You need speed, optionality, and innovation.

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    Because building active Ecosystems of suppliers is hard, expensive, and takes forever.

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    Because there are companies in the market that are creating new products, services, and technologies while you sleep who may have already solved your problem or challenge. You just don't know about them.

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    Because you should be focused on achieving outcomes versus achieving exhaustion.

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    Because you don't have the time to talk to hundreds of companies about your agenda. Instead, Challenge them to solve your problem.