Ratio's Ecostudio is a high energy, high impact, design center focused on helping customers quickly create, configure, launch, and connect Ecosystems in the Ratio Ecoverse.



306 Frederick St,
Suite 201,
VA 22401

In 2018, Ratio created their progressive and transformational marketplace platform, Ratio Ecoverse. The Ratio Ecoverse enables customers to quickly create, extend, enhance, connect, and expand sourcing Ecosystems that significantly accelerate the acquisition lifecycle to quickly address today's and tomorrow's problems and challenges. Ratio customers span private and public sector markets with a heavy emphasis on Defense and accelerating Defense-related innovation agendas.

Ratio's Ecostudio is a high energy, high impact, design centerfocused on helping customers quickly create, configure, launch, and connect Ecosystems on the Ratio Ecoverse. The Ecostudio is located in the historic district of downtown Fredericksburg, Virginia with in a block of the Virginia Rail, and offers an industrial start-up feel and culture of rapid creation and innovation for customers who use, are considering, or are interested in how the Ratio Ecoverse can help them solve problems or challenges faster.

“It's a lot like Muscle Shoals. Artists came to Muscle Shoals for one reason… to be inspired to create incredible music and hit records,” said Jim Benson, co-founder of Ratio Ecoverse and the Ratio Ecostudio.


Ratio's Ecostudio is a destination for customers who are tired and frustrated with the traditional channels of finding and sourcing companies and capabilities to address their problems and challenges and are seeking a new vibe, a new way, a new sound, and a new approach that disrupts and often shatters acquisition and procurement barriers.

Ratio Ecoverse is currently being used at scale by multiple private and public sector customers including the Department of Defense, DEFENSEWERX, SOFWERX, Doolittle Institute, innovation accelerators, and many others.

Our Customers

The Ratio Ecostudio enables you to engage in jam sessions with Ratio Ecoverse experts and other Ecosystem players and performers to develop, share, and test newideas, concepts, capabilities, services, and products before their release and delivery.

“We are very excited about the Ecostudio and it's close proximity to Northern Virginia and Washington D.C.”, said Benson. Ratio plans to open additional Ecostudio's across the US and is using the Fredericksburg, Virginia location as the pilot model.