LANDWERX Ecosystem Taking the Lead for Innovative Solutions in Modern Agriculture

November 21, 2023

LANDWERX, a DEFENSEWERX innovation hub and Ratio Ecosystem, is a non-profit organization, propelling the swift discovery, engagement, and promotion of cutting-edge solutions for modern agriculture. This Ecosystem is built on cutting-edge technologies that enable farmers to optimize resource utilization, reduce waste, and maximize yields in a sustainable and efficient way. Joining this Ecosystem contributes to a collective effort to build a more sustainable and resilient future for agriculture.


Joining the agriculture Ecosystem reaps a multitude of benefits, aligning with the collective goal of revolutionizing farming practices. This integrated approach fosters precision agriculture, enabling farmers to optimize resource use, monitor crop health, and enhance overall operational efficiency. The collaborative nature of the Ecosystem facilitates knowledge exchange and innovation, creating a community-driven platform that adapts to the evolving needs of modern agriculture. Moreover, the Department of Defense's funding of innovative agriculture solutions underscores the strategic importance of sustainable and resilient food production. By channeling resources into cutting-edge technologies, the Department of Defense aims to bolster national and global food security. The funding supports research and development initiatives that harness advancements such as automation, data analytics, and artificial intelligence in agriculture. This collaboration between the agriculture Ecosystem and the DoD not only benefits farmers and the agricultural industry but also contributes to national security by ensuring a robust and technologically advanced food supply chain.


The importance of the agriculture Ecosystem is underscored by the ever-growing need for innovative solutions in modern farming, a challenge that LANDWERX, a key player in the agricultural sector, is actively addressing. To catalyze transformative solutions, LANDWERX has issued two thought-provoking challenge opportunities. 


The first challenge revolves around harnessing the power of data analytics, aggregation, and visualization with artificial intelligence to optimize crop management, resource utilization, and overall farm efficiency. The second challenge focuses on the integration of drones and taking an aerial approach, standing as a pivotal advancement in modern agriculture while addressing the imperative need for heightened awareness of in-field conditions.


By issuing these challenges, LANDWERX is not only fostering a culture of innovation but also inviting a diverse community of problem-solvers to contribute to the evolution of modern agriculture, thereby ensuring a more sustainable and productive future for the industry.


The Challenge Opportunities:


LANDWERX, collaborating with Landus, are hosting two Collaboration Events (CE) to get ahead of and utilize these innovative agriculture technologies. These events are designed to provide insights to ensure that potential partners understand the problem set(s) fully and to increase the likelihood of matching their technologies with End User needs. This CE is also an opportunity for attendees to network and form partnerships that may provide a more comprehensive solution.

Following the CE, LANDWERX may be utilized to analyze innovative solutions, seek paths for developing or refining novel solutions, pursue an “off-the-shelf” product, and/or explore other possibilities for teaming arrangements for co-development.

Participants can network and form partnerships to create comprehensive solutions. The methodology involves a design-thinking session in Des Moines, Iowa, where potential partners will engage with Landus and farmer-owners to communicate operational needs and criteria for both Data Aggregation and Visualization and Drone/Aerial Approach.


1. Drone/Aerial Approach Collaboration Event (CE)

Collaboration Event: December 05, 2023

Request to Attend NLT December 01, 2023

Goal: Explore potential solutions with Industry, Academia, and Labs to understand the current limitations of overhead imaging and remote sensing applications in agriculture. They aim to develop approaches for efficient data collection to drive superior decision-making for farmers and agricultural producers.


These technologies offer a bird's-eye view of agricultural landscapes, providing farmers with real-time, high-resolution data that was previously inaccessible. The significance lies in the ability of users to generate predictive insights, allowing for informed decision-making to optimize various aspects of agricultural operations. From monitoring crop health and assessing soil conditions to gauging irrigation needs, drones and aerial imagery equip farmers with a comprehensive understanding of their fields. By leveraging these technologies, the agricultural sector not only enhances operational efficiency but also strives for more precise and sustainable practices, ultimately improving production outcomes and contributing to the evolution of a technologically empowered and resource-efficient agricultural landscape.


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2. Data Aggregation and Visualization Collaboration Event (CE)

Collaboration Event: December 06, 2023

Request to Attend NLT December 01, 2023

Goal: Explore innovative solutions based on current and future data sources for efficient decision-making in agriculture. The event aims to address the challenge of relevant but unorganized data by creating an open architecture data aggregation platform.


This event will serve to explore potential solutions with Industry, Academia, and Labs based on an understanding of current sources of data available and desired future operationalization of data for use in agriculture. LANDWERX, Landus, and farmer-owners seek to understand current limitations of collating existing data points in order to make inferences to drive efficient decision-making for farmers and agricultural producers.

There are many sources creating relevant but unorganized data for the agricultural community.  With new technologies and capabilities available, an open architecture data aggregation platform is needed. The platform will allow for the collation of disparate data inputs in order to inform predictive inputs to drive efficiencies for agricultural End Users.


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