Winner of Ratio's Unforgettable Holiday Challenge

December 19, 2023


Reimagining Gift Delivery Across the World


Recap: Claus Inc. has been dishing out jolly seasons and gifts for centuries. But, with more kids joining the nice list, the company needs your help to smooth out worldwide deliveries. They're on the lookout for tech-savvy ideas that amp up route efficiency, boost sleigh aerodynamics, supercharge reindeer speeds with propulsion innovation, and give Santa some well-earned time off for baked treats with Mrs. Claus. So, let's get cracking on the next-gen delivery revolution!

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In the spirit of the holidays, Ratio recently invited our community to participate in a festive challenge, Reimagining Gift Delivery Across the World. The quality and heart behind the submission we received left us truly awestruck. Today, we are thrilled to announce the winner of Ratio's Holiday Challenge – a participant who not only met but exceeded all expectations with their outstanding entry.


A heartfelt thank you to the creative team who took the time to craft and submit a piece for our holiday challenge, we extend our sincerest gratitude. Your decision to participate in our challenge means the world to us, and we are honored to have had the opportunity to witness and celebrate your unique talent.


For the time you all have been waiting for… 


We are delighted to announce that SherloQ Solutions is the winner of Ratio's Holiday Challenge: Reimagining Gift Delivery Across the World!! 



Their submission not only captured the essence of the season but also demonstrated a level of creativity and thoughtfulness that resonated deeply with us. They didn't just consider our good friend Santa Claus' sleigh, but they reimagined the operations of Reindeers, the Elve's Command Center, a new toy processing center, a high-tech, Elf-led, Advanced Manufacturing Facility, AND a new present deployment system: disguised drones. 


This submission brought so much joy and laughter into this holiday season, and Ratio cannot thank you enough.


About SHERLOQ® Solutions: delivering a healthier bottom line to health systems, hospitals and physician groups nationwide. With an emphasis on patient satisfaction and outstanding revenue recovery, our RCM experts provide unmatched results in early-out management, insurance billing and follow-up, denials and appeals management, and third-party debt collection.

Innovative Solutions & Unequalled Support

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With a little help from IBM Watson, SherloQ was able to bring their innovations, creativity, and inspirations to life. 

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Want to check out the winner's submission? Ho-ho-hold onto your hats, because this response will blow you away! 


Introducing SherloQ Solutions & IBM Watson's Workshop!


We're thrilled to share the sleigh-bell-ringing, reindeer-rocking advancements we've cooked up for Claus Inc. CTO Del Hagen, alongside a team of elves in lab coats and a couple of tech-savvy reindeer (Rudolph's got a degree in reindeer robotics, who knew?), have been tinkering away to bring you the latest in Yuletide technology!



Reindeer 2.0: Cyborg Edition

Move over, Rudolph! The new reindeer on the block are part magic, part machine, and all awesome. These shiny, titanium-framed marvels come with fusion light Christmas drives (for that extra sparkle) and built-in AI (because even Santa needs GPS). And for those on the naughty list? Let's just say these reindeers know how to keep the Christmas cheer on track.




The Sleigh: A Hi-Tech Holiday Marvel 

After a few comical mishaps (ever seen a sleigh do a loop-the-loop?), we've finally nailed it. Santa's new ride is decked out with AI navigation, a space-time fabric-bending reactor (for when Santa's running fashionably late), and drones that measure chimneys faster than you can say "ho-ho-ho." This sleigh's got more bells and whistles than a Christmas parade.




Central Elf Command: Where the Magic Happens

Imagine a room full of elves with headsets and holograms, tracking Santa like the holiday heroes they are. This high-tech hub is the brain of the operation, making sure Santa's sleigh zips around the globe smoother than a hot knife through Christmas pudding.




Toys Ahoy: AI & Blockchain Unite

Keeping up with the toy trends is no small feat. Our state-of-the-art toy processing center uses AI to predict what's hot and blockchain to keep things cool and secure. It's like Santa's list, but smarter.



Elf-Led Advanced Manufacturing: Where Elves Get Their Tech On

Our elves are stepping up their game. They're learning the ropes of AI systems and eco-friendly toy-making. It's like an elf university, but with more Christmas cookies.





Testing and Cultural Deployment: Sneaky Sleighs and Disguised Drones

Turns out, not every country expects a big red sleigh. Enter our cultural cloaking device: making Santa's sleigh and drones blend in like chameleons at a disco. These high-tech helpers can morph into anything from fish to butterflies, ensuring Santa's deliveries are as smooth as eggnog.




The Big Night: A Peek into the Future

We caught a glimpse of Santa's new sleigh in action, bending space-time like a cosmic ballet dancer. It's a sight to behold: Santa soaring through a starry sky, with a trail of presents floating in zero gravity. This sleigh isn't just fast; it's future-fast.



"This holiday season, Santa's going high-tech, and we're here for it. From cyborg reindeer to sleighs that bend reality, we're making sure this Christmas is one for the history books. Just remember, if you see a butterfly delivering your gift, it's just us, keeping the Christmas spirit alive and kicking!" 

- The Team at SherloQ with IBM Watson


Congratulations, SherloQ! Your dedication to the theme, coupled with your generated artistic flair, has made you the undisputed champion of our holiday challenge. We will be in contact with your prize details, we hope it brings you as much joy as your creation brought to us.


As we wrap up this unique holiday challenge, we want to express our sincere thanks once again. Your participation made this experience memorable, and we look forward to hosting more challenges in the future and witnessing the continued brilliance of the Ratio creative community.


Wishing you and all our Ratio community members a wonderful holiday season filled with creativity, inspiration, and joy.


Thank you,




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